Shirodhara is an ayurveda therapy treating subjects for stress (depression/anxiety/hypertension) insomnia, headache and several kinds of psychosis. When there is a fluid impact on a solid surface, a transient impact will be developed at the interface in short time duration as vibration on forehead. The fluid impact of the liquid falling from the beaker at controlled flow rate is measured using an integrated circuit piezoelectric (ICP) force sensor for various tapping condition. The time-dependent response of the sensor is acquired using data acquisition system which is connected to the computer. The force is determined by measuring the voltage output from the piezoelectric force sensor. The impact experiment is done for single droplet, intermittent flow of drops and continuous flow of liquid falling from a fixed height of 7.5 cm. From the results, we observe the impact force for each fluid have a subtle variation depending on the falling condition and impact velocity of the fluid falling from a height.

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