The high conductive nickel (Ni) nanoparticles mixed with paraffin wax at two different volume ratios were prepared to investigate thermal conductivity enhancement of Phase Change Material (PCM) under random and aligned particle distribution. For each particle concentration, two samples were prepared. After mixing of the particles into the melted paraffin through sonication, one sample was placed in a static magnetic field to align the nanoparticles while the PCM was allowed to solidify; whereas, the second sample was solidified immediately after sonication to obtain a randomly distributed nanoparticles in the solid PCM. The thermal conductivity of both nanoPCM samples along with a pure paraffin sample were measured experimentally. The conductivity of both nanoPCM samples were substantially higher than the pure wax and the sample with magnetically aligned nanoparticle exhibited significantly higher thermal conductivity in comparison to the randomly distributed nanoPCM sample. It was anticipated that the configuration of the metallic fillers that are parallelly aligned with the applied heat flux direction does enhance the heat dissipation through the particle chains. However, the magnitude of thermal enhancement and sample fabrication in larger scales require further research efforts.

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