This paper presents the results of both visualization experiment and numerical simulation for two-phase (water-air mixture) flows in a horizontal tube. A visualization experimental setup was used to observe various two-phase flow patterns for different flow rates of water/air mixture flow in a glass tube of 12 mm in diameter. Total of 303 experimental data points were compared with Mandhane’s flow map. Most of the data for stratified, plug and slug flows were found to be in good agreement. However, annular flow was observed for relatively lower gas flow rates and also wavy flow occurred at relatively higher liquid flow rates in this experiment. A three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation was performed using OpenFOAM employing “interFoam” as the solver to simulate the two-phase flows in horizontal pipe based on Volume-Of-Fluid (VOF) method. The simulated and experimentally observed flow patterns for the same set of superficial velocities shows acceptable similarities for stratified, wavy, plug, slug and annular flows. Also, the computed values of the void fraction and pressure drop for the numerical simulations shows reasonable agreement with well-known correlations in literature.

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