Recently, traffic accidents due to drowsy driving, operation mistake in the power plant by drowsiness and decrease arousal in employment during work have been attracted as problems. To avoid such an accident, arousal level could be quantitatively evaluated in real time. We suggested that the one of the parameters of Duffing oscillator parameters is related to the conventional arousal level using the EEG frequency component. However, in this examination, effects on the EEG from visual and active behavior were considered, but those from hearing also need to be investigated. In this paper, we performed the experiment in the musical environment using rock and classic music to investigate the model parameters for effect of the auditory stimulation, and acquired EEG data in Visual cortex and Frontal lobe. The acquired EEG data was used to identify the model parameters, which were identified solving the inverse problem by Least Square method. Results of investigating correlation between conventional arousal revel and model parameter shows a significant correlation in case of the auditory environmental situation. Moreover, Visual cortex is better than Frontal lobe as a measurement point in this evaluation method.

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