Micro vibration in the ideal-zero gravity environments has complicated science experiment results. A magnetic levitation vibration isolation platform is needed to isolate the vibration source to provide acceptable acceleration level in low frequency range. The configuration of the Lorentz actuators is discussed in the paper. And the modeling of the transformation matrix from the force to the current is deduced. In order to generate desired force, the current is needed to predict precisely. To study the characteristics of the system, the single degree of freedom system is analyzed. A multi-closed loop control scheme is put forward to achieve vibration isolation control. To evaluate the effect of each control parameter, frequency domain analysis of the transfer function is simulated. In order to further increase the control effectiveness, a feed forward compensation control algorithm is added to control the vibration of cables that connect the upper platform and the base. By regulating these control parameters, bode curves can be obtained. Comparing the two methods, it can be concluded that the control method with feed forward compensation is better than the one without that.

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