Engineering curricula, regardless of the specific discipline, need to evolve. Realizing also that the pedagogical value of any educational artifact is closely linked to the methods of instruction used to interact with students, it is imperative that the development of new learning materials be accompanied by the implementation of innovative techniques with demonstrated success in knowledge transfer. This paper presents details of the development of studio styled modules associated with groups of courses within the mechanical and manufacturing engineering curriculum. Within each studio, newly developed activities engage students through experiential learning techniques. These activities, or learning exercises, represent a fusion of hands-on experimentation and computational simulation/analysis in key areas of engineering, such as dynamical systems, thermal sciences and materials. This endeavor is also intended to promote STEM education through enhancements in the quality of technical content, methods of instruction, training of student as effective educators, and the establishment of outreach activities expected to have an enduring effect on the preparation and recruitment of young talent into the sciences.

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