In the semiconductor chip mounting process, the size of semiconductor chips is decreasing, while the number of mounting the chips per time are increasing, and this trend is being accelerated. The research activities to develop the chip mounters, which are able to mount rapidly and accurately, have been needed in the industry. With this background, the linear motor in the chip mounters has been an important part. The electro-magnetic type linear motor has many advantages such as direct linear reciprocating motion being compared with the rotary motor and the ball screw type linear motor. However, the electro-magnetic linear motor has thermal problems. These problems affect life and performance of motor and bring out the other problems such as thermal stress and deformation. The heat transfer analysis is difficult to solve thermal problems because the moving and fixed parts coexist. The trial & error methods have been therefore used under majority of cases. In this paper, we investigated the thermal deformation problems of linear motor in a chip mounter and the optimized parameters to design the motion parts of electro-magnetic linear motor were obtained.

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