In this paper dynamic identification of the evaporator dynamics in a vapor compression cycle (VCC) subjected to imposed heat flux is studied. The imposed heat flux boundary condition at the evaporator represents a specific application of the VCC for electronics cooling. However, different models and control algorithms than traditional VCCs are required. First principle models are highly nonlinear and, hence, not practical for system control. A dynamic model identification of the refrigerant temperature at the exit of the evaporator, refrigerant pressure, and temperature of the heating element is performed by varying the expansion valve opening. It is shown that single-input single-output (SISO) identification is not sufficient to capture the dynamics of the evaporator, due to the coupling of the dynamics in the entire system. Including the effect of incoming mass flow rate into the evaporator to the model significantly improves the identification and prediction of the evaporator dynamics. Finally, a SISO controller based on the identified model, is designed and tested experimentally. The control objective is to maintain the temperature of the heating element below a set point, subjected to changes in heat flux.

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