This study is conducted to analyze the energy use by cooling pump in internal combustion engine (ICE). The main focus of the experiment is to analyze the radiator heat transfer and the cooling pump power. The heat transfer rate of radiator is determined by conducting an experiment on an ICE. Thermocouples and an anemometer are used for temperature and air velocity measurement respectively. The cooling pump power is determined through dynamometer test. These experiments are conducted only for engine speed range of 1000rpm to 1500rpm to avoid overheating when belt is dismantled. The engine running at 1000rpm to 1500rpm produces about 1.2kW to 2.5kW power and rejects heat at rate of 0.20kW to 0.3kW, representing 13.0% to 19.1% of the total energy lost. The cooling pump power is approximately 0.13–0.19kW which is approximately 7.6% of the engine power output.

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