Through analyzing one Y-shaped cross-section structure of honeycomb cell, the formula for relative density of honeycomb with regular hexagon cell shape is derived. And typical dynamic collapse process of honeycomb is illuminated. Three kinds of aluminum alloy(3003) honeycomb specimens for experiments are got by cutting honeycomb plate using the cutting tool made by ourselves. These specimens’ size specifications are 0.06mm (cell foil thickness t) × 4mm (cell sides length l) × 60mm (specimen height h), 0.06mm (t) × 6mm (l) × 30mm (h) and 0.08mm (t) × 10mm (l) × 50mm (h) respectively. Impact experiment using a drop-hammer apparatus (Instron dynatup 9250HV), whose initial mean impact velocity is 5m/s and mass is 14.6687kg, and the corresponding quasi-static one are also performed. Then the stain-stress curve of these three kinds of specimens under dynamic and quasi-static are recorded. Assuring the same load conditions with experiment and simplifying the honeycomb cell as one Y-shaped cross-section column, numerical simulation for these three kinds of honeycomb’s compression collapse process under impact loading are carried out by using an explicit FEM code LS-DYNA. Then the strain-stress curve is obtained by experiments and compared with numerical simulation. It is shown that the result of numerical simulation well coincide with the experiments. At last, the elastic and plastic collapse stress of theory, experiment and simulation are compared and the result shows that the plastic collapse stress of simulation is fairly well-matched with the experiment while the theory is less than them.

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