Experimental and numerical results are presented for steady evaporating flow heat transfer from open top square micro-channels. Radial channels, 40 microns high, and 35, 50 and 70 microns wide with 5 micron wide SU-8 walls are considered. The channels are filled with Fluorinert FC77 working fluid pumped by capillary forces from a reservoir at the outer circumference of the radial channels. An energy balance on the radial channels including heat into the channels, conduction heat transfer radially along the channels and latent heat transfer via evaporation of the working fluid from the channels is experimentally determined. Microphotography is used to visualize the working fluid and the meniscus contact angles in the channels. A three-dimensional finite difference time-domain integration is used to predict sensible heat transfer rates and latent heat transfer/ evaporation rates. Experimental measurements are compared to the numerical results to extract estimates of the liquid thickness in the channels.

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