The stability, reliability, efficient performance of high speed turbo machinery is very important, and accordingly has increased the demand for advanced bearings. In order to meet the advanced bearing needs, Heshmat proposed a hybrid foil-magnetic bearing [1]. The hybrid bearing combining the two bearings takes advantage of the strengths of each while compensating for each other’s weaknesses. This paper presents dynamic characteristics of the combined smart bearing (CSB) of different structure from Heshmat’s bearing. The CSB and test rig were designed, fabricated and carried out the test. Numerical predictions of Air foil bearing (AFB) and CSB were compared the dynamic force performance, and analysis of bearings are performed by finite element method (FEM). Experiments were conducted to determine the structural static and dynamic characteristics of AFB. The dynamic characteristics of AFB and CSB compared depending on the rotating speed change. The experimental results were obtained the dynamic characteristics of the CSB 50% higher than value of the stiffness effect. In addition to, the CSB 100% higher than value of the damping effect.

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