This application study of a swash-plate type axial piston pump was concerned about the hydrostatic lubrication characteristics of cylinder barrel and valve plate which are main rotating body and its opposite moving part respectively. A computer simulation was implemented to assess thrust bearing and mechanical sealing functions of the fluid film between cylinder barrel and valve plate. A new algorithm was developed to facilitate simultaneous calculations of dynamic cylinder pressure, 3 degree-of-freedom barrel motions considering inertia effect, and fluid film pressure assuming full fluid film lubrication regime. Using the simulation tool, force and moment balancing of cylinder barrel which is a key issue of piston pump design was analyzed. Time dependent fluid film pressure and thickness distributions for several given balance ratios were calculated. This analysis helps to decide appropriate balance ratio in the valve and cylinder barrel. Oil leakage flow and friction torque in the fluid film between cylinder barrel and valve plate were calculated as well and discussed in the viewpoint of energy loss. The results show that film thickness in plain surface is not high enough to bear the barrel and reduce power loss and that surface waviness which exists in actual sliding surfaces can have a positive effect on it. This simulation tool could also predict time dependent barrel motions due to simultaneous calculation algorithm. It has been known that cylinder barrel rotates with oscillation. Therefore average clearance, tilt angle, and azimuth angle were calculated for each time step and the results were discussed.

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