In this paper, resonance responses and bifurcations of the circular mesh antenna with 1:3 internal resonance in thermal environment are studied. Considering this internal resonance, based on the equivalent circular mesh antenna model, which is a composite laminated circular cylindrical shell clamped along a generatrix and with the radial pre-stretched membranes at both ends in thermal environment, we obtain the amplitude-frequency response curves of the system in the state-parameter space by using the prediction-correction continuation algorithm in order to study the bifurcation characteristics of the equivalent circular mesh antenna model. Meanwhile, the fold bifurcation points and Antronov-Hopf bifurcation points are detected and located on these resonance response curves. We find that the nonlinear vibrations of the equivalent circular mesh antenna model have the hardening characteristics, and the temperature excitation has noticeable effects on the stabilities and bifurcations of this system.

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