With the modern age of using genetically engineered products and growing concerns about food recalls and outbreaks, businesses are looking for ways to secure their brand names and assuring consumers about food safety and quality. Recently, Blockchain has been introduced as a promising approach for increasing the visibility of the supply chain and reducing the sale of contaminated and counterfeit products. Along this line, this study discusses the capabilities of Blockchain for the collection and monitoring of product lifecycle information ranging from production, wholesale, and logistics to standards, business reputation, and certification. The particular focus of the study is to discuss the use of videogrammetry as a data collection mechanism for bringing the product lifecycle data on digital Blockchain platforms and solving the “last mile” problem and data verification issue on Blockchain platforms. A conceptual example of organic meat processing is discussed to describe the proposed procedure and show how videogrammetry in combination with RFID and fingerprints can be used to solve the data verification issue on Blockchain platforms.

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