Vibration is an undesirable phenomenon in engineering, and its avoidance has received considerable attention, especially for the cases of precision engineering. Since the dynamic performance of precision mechanisms are most likely to be restricted by their 1st modes, multiple single degree of freedom (SDOF) tuned mass dampers (TMDs) are designed to suppress a translational moving platform with single mode. The TMDs are designed with optimal stiffness and damping ratios, which are acquired by numerical optimization using minimax algorithm. Each SDOF TMD is implemented via the graphical approach and modeled by substructure dynamic modeling techniques. Results of finite element analysis (FEA) show that the maximum amplitude of frequency response function (FRF) of the primary system can be damped to 89.14% when N is 3, which validates the vibration mitigation by employing the designed TMDs. Furthermore, the proposed design routine provides a guidance for implementation of multiple SDOF TMDs.

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