In this paper, a new braking system EWB (Electronic Wedge Brake) with multi-rollers is presented. EWB is a BBW (Brake by Wire) braking system, using self-reinforcement effect of the wedge mechanism. This effect makes EWB reduce consumption of electricity. Compared with traditional EMB (Electronic Mechanical Brake), EWB can work at lower power supply, such as 12V, which makes EWB has great advantage over those EMB braking systems with higher power supply, e.g.42V.

The proposed design can realize normal braking function, and also can realize parking braking. In this paper, the configuration of EWB with multi-rollers is presented, and the modelling of main parts of the EWB system is given using the software Matlab/Simulink. Meanwhile, the EWB experimental bench is built, and preliminary experiments are carried out. The results of experiment show the practicability of the proposed design.

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