Previously a specific planar reconfigurable mechanism with a variable joint (RRRR1 -RRRP2 Mechanism) was dynamically modeled. The RRRR-RRRP Mechanism functions as a RRRR mechanism in one configuration and as a in RRRP mechanism the other. The kinematics and kinetics of the RRRP and RRRR configurations were previously analyzed with a Lagrangian approach. The developed equations of motion will be validated with a physical prototype in this paper. In addition, a simplified model of the RRRR-RRRP Mechanism is also developed and compared to the experimental results. The experimental angular position of each joint on the RRRR-RRRP Mechanism will be compared to the model position analysis. Particular attention will be given to the transition point when the physical mechanism changes from an RRRR mechanism to RRRP mechanism and vice versa as it is vital to knowing this point for optimal control of the mechanism.

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