The origami-based folded core has a broad prospect in applications. However, the fabrication difficulties limit its developments due to the complicate structures with multiple zigzags and fluctuations. In this study, several feasible methods to fabricate polymer origami-based folded core were proposed. Based on the analysis of folded structural features, the vacuum forming process of polymer V-type folded core was deeply investigated. Wall thickness distributions of the folded structure on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheets were measured. The results showed that the wall thickness along the straight crease line presents a single peak distribution, while that along the zigzag one shows a dual peak distribution, and the wall thickness of the top zigzag crease line is more uniform and large than that of the bottom one. The mold temperature, polymer sheet temperature and material properties of polymer have great influence on product thickness. Vacuum forming is a feasible way to fabricate polymer origami-based folded core, and the high-quality fabrication of folded structure may be accomplished by designing more reasonable forming mold and selecting optical process parameters.

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