This work dealt with impact noise of a simplified gear system due to the axial excitation of helical gears. The simplified gear system was modeled by shaft-bearing-circular plate. Mesh force of helical gears for impact excitation was obtained from the solution of nonlinear equations of motion for helical gears with backlash and the regular change of mesh stiffness. Axial component of mesh force causes the longitudinal vibration of system and leads to transverse vibration of circular plate, which is acoustically significant. For longitudinal behavior of system, equation of motion of shaft-bearing-plate system due to axial excitation of motion was derived and dynamic analysis was performed. Plate displacement obtained by dynamic analysis becomes the source of impact noise. Impact noise was modeled by sound radiation from the clamped circular plate mounted in the infinite baffle. Impact noise characteristics of shaft-bearing-circular plate were investigated by numerical examples.

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