The Exechon 5-Axis Parallel Kinematic Machine (PKM) is a successful design created in Sweden and adopted by many producers of machine tools around the world. A new version of the manipulator is being developed as a component of a mobile self-reconfigurable fixture system within an inter-European project. The basic Exechon architecture consists of a 3-degree-of-freedom (dof) parallel mechanism (PM) connected in series with a two- or three-dof spherical wrist. The PM has two UPR (4-dof) legs, constrained to move in a common rotating plane, and an SPR (5-dof) leg. The paper presents the kinematic analysis of both the PM and the hybrid parallel-serial architecture. We describe the complex three-dimensional motion pattern of the PM platform, derive the kinematic equations and provide explicit solutions for the inverse kinematics.

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