Configuration design and packaging optimization correspond to finding the optimal placement of a series of objects in a system while satisfying functional requirements and minimizing criteria. The research presented in this paper is applied to the configuration design of vehicles and more specifically the US Army FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles). This paper presents the latest developments of the design methodology based on a multiple objective genetic algorithm. A swap operator specifically constructed for packaging problems is presented. For this multi-criteria problem, the goal of the methodology is to explore the objective space in order to find multiple Pareto designs. This research is motivated by the need to add non-conventional components, namely, a fuel cells auxiliary power unit and its associated modules, on the FMTV. Three objectives are considered: vehicle dynamic behavior, maintainability, and survivability. The methodology uses several in-house and commercial analysis packages to evaluate the fitness of the evolving designs. The new approach is systematically evaluated comparing the results to those of the original method with respect to its ability in generating the Pareto front of the multi-criteria design problem.

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