This paper is the one that it was described to have developed the traction drive by using the plastic hard magnet. The plastics material was used to research by the following reasons. The plastics material can mold it. As a result, it processes complex and it is possible to make it to the magnet. In addition, it is possible to mass-produce, it is light, and it is also possible that the miniaturization reduces possible and the cost. Next, the mechanism of the traction drive is described. It rotates by being circumscribed by non-contact, and inscribing two plastic hard rings as if the gear. N pole and S pole are divided equally in the direction of the circumference of the ring. It becomes by these as if the match of the god with teeth and teeth. These devices are commonly called “Gear without teeth”. Some doughnut disks with a different outside diameter were produced. Each disk is made magnetism. Each disk was set, and assembled to one disk. The disk is molded with the plastic hard. The plastics material used the one that the ferrite powder was mixed with the polyacetal resin. Making to magnetism is possible by the magnetization technology. The mechanism, molding, making to magnetism, and the magnetic induction, etc. were examined in the experiment. The development of non-contact made of plastic hard traction drive device was proven to be possible by this research.

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