The underlying principle for vibration confinement is to alter the structural modes so that the corresponding modal components have much smaller amplitude in concerned areas than the remaining part of the structure. In this research, the state-of-the-art in vibration confinement technique is advanced in two correlated ways. First, a new eigenstructure assignment algorithm is developed to more directly suppress vibration in regions of interest. This algorithm is featured by the optimal selection of achievable eigenvectors that minimizes the eigenvector components at concerned areas by using the Rayleigh Principle. Second, the active control input is applied through an active-passive hybrid piezoelectric network. With the introduction of circuitry elements, which is much easier to implement than changing or adding mechanical components, the state matrices can be reformed and the design space in eigenstructure assignment can be greatly enlarged. The merit of the proposed system and scheme is demonstrated and analyzed using a numerical example.

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