There are two kinds of noise in synchronous belt drives. One is steady sound caused by transverse vibration of belt, and another is impact sound radiating from meshing point of belt and pulley. Recently, it has been reported that the impact sound is due to the sound occurring in an air pipe built up between pulley groove and belt because the frequency of impact sound coincides with the fundamental natural frequency of an open ended pipe whose length equals width of the belt. However, this conclusion is obtained experimentally, there has no theoretical analysis provided. In this study, an analysis of the impact sound is provided to prove its generation mechanism and discuss factors that influence the level of sound theoretically. Sound field in an open ended pipe subjected to an impulsive sound source is analyzed. Comparison between experimental and analytical results is carried out. It is concluded that the level of impact sound is in proportion to the width of belt, and the acoustic energy of impact sound is in proportion to the cube of the width of belt.

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