A wire nail production machine can be classified as one of the punch press machines. By nature, the production of wire nails involves the development of a series of force impulses which in turn generate various sound pressure levels with different frequencies. Typically, the machine operations generating impact noise include pressing, cutting, ejecting, wire gripping and feeding. The punch pressing is the movement of punch header to press forming the nail head. It produces a large force impulse which in turn generates a high level of impact noise and consequently high levels of ancillary impact noise such as the impact noise by the backlashes. It has been found that this type of impact noise is not necessarily the most annoying one. The impact noise generated by nail ejection, however, has been identified as one of the annoying noise components. The ejector used in a nail machine for executing the movement of nail ejection produces ringing noise at high frequencies when it is struck by the punch header in each cycle of the machine operations. This paper presents the analyses of and experiments on the ejection force impulse and the characteristics of the impact noise generated by nail ejection.

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