The vibration characteristics of a carbon composite outlet guide vane (CCOGV), whose ends were embedded in a viscoelastic medium, were analysed by means of the finite element method. The elastic CCOGV and the viscoelastic material were modelled using twenty-noded solid brick elements. Both isotropic and orthotropic material models were used to characterise the elastic behaviour of the CCOGV. The Young’s modulus and loss factor data of the viscoelastic material were derived from the master curves of complex Young’s modulus of the material. These master curves were obtained via the application of the direct stiffness and master curve methodologies to a prismatic sample of the viscoelastic material. It is shown that the degree of correlation of the finite element predictions compared to the measured characteristics of the potted CCOGV depends on the accuracy of the elastic material properties of the CCOGV and of the complex modulus of the viscoelastic material.

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