A software package MenuCAD has been developed for the general need of designing menu-driven, user-friendly CAD computer programs. The main menu is formatted similar to the major contents in the final report of the design project including Contents, Analysis, Sample Design Cases, Illustrations and Tables, References, and Program Listings. Sub-menus are further divided into items delineating the steps involved in the design. Screen help messages are provided for design of the main menu and sub-menus interactively and for applying the arrow keys on the keyboard to select a sub-menus and a particular item in the sub-menu in order to execute a desired design step. MenuCAD builds the framework, its user has to supplement with a subroutine ExecItem for describing the special features and for directing how each design step should be executed in the project. A CAD design of four-bar linkage project is presented as a sample application of this package.

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