An integrated management system encompasses all management and assessment activities. The organizational structure of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) quality management system is able to merge existing and future requirements. In this context the BfS management system encompasses quality management and radiation protection requirements as well as safety management, mining requirements and those of testing and calibration laboratories. Its structure allows the integration of function-specific management systems as well as specific requirements. The quality management system has taken into account the existing structure of documents to improve acceptability for the extended approach. Integrating management systems should enhance managerial and operational effectiveness. Whether or not this goal can or has been achieved is still a lingering question. A well-proven method to assess the effectiveness of any management system is auditing. Audits are designed to determine adequate compliance with applicable standards and guidelines. Moreover, they can and should be instrumental in identifying problem areas and potential improvements, along with corrective and preventive actions.

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