Non-intrusive pressure drop, film thickness, and wave behavior measurements have been performed for horizontal air-water two-phase flow in round tubes. A databank of over 300 flow conditions in the wavy, wavy-annular, and annular regimes was compiled for three tube diameters (8.8 mm, 15.1 mm, and 26.3 mm). A correlation was developed based on the product of total mass flux, gas superficial velocity, and an empirical friction factor, selected from the lesser of a modified Froude number form and a Reynolds number form. This correlation performed to within 11% mean absolute error across the data range considered. A variety of correlations were also selected from the literature for comparison. Those based on film roughness (Wallis, Hurlburt-Newell), two-phase multipliers (Lockhart-Martinelli, Friedel, Chisholm, Olujic, and Gro¨nnerud), and empirical data fits (Mu¨ller-Steinhagen and Heck) were among those tested. As needed, correlations were rephrased in terms of wall shear to provide a consistent basis for comparison. A complex film roughness model (Hurlburt et al.) was also compared to the experimental data.

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