An experimental facility is being set up at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for studying the thermal-hydraulic behavior of Indian Pressurized Heavy water Reactors under normal and accidental conditions. The set up simulates the containment of the reactor and the Primary Heat Transport System (PHTS). In experimental set up, the PHTS simulation vessel is placed outside the containment building and the piping system connects it to the containment building. The steam-water mixture produced in the PHTS vessel will be discharged into the containment to simulate various postulated accidental conditions. The piping system consists of quick opening dual assembly rupture disk and valves. Various layouts of the piping system had been studied with due considerations to the site constraints. Rupture disk location has been finalized considering its operational requirements. Supporting arrangement has been arrived at with due consideration to the various service load requirements. Subsequently, additional supports have been incorporated to increase system frequency. This paper deals with the various considerations made and strategy adopted for finalisation of layout and to meet the codal requirements.

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