Stable and homogeneous silicone oil based nanofluids of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were prepared by using hexamethyldisiloxane as surfactant. The used MWNTs were cut by mechanical ball-milling approach following strong acid treatment. Scanning electronic microscopy results show that the MWNTs disperse well in the silicone oil. The addition of hexamethyldisiloxane reduces the viscosity of silicone oil greatly in all the studied temperatures. It is different from some water based nanofluids with surfactant. The minor viscosity augmentation of silicone oil based MWNT nanofluid with high thermal conductivity make it the ideal media in high burden of heat transfer and heat transfer enhancement in special condition. As expected, the viscosity of the nanofluid increases with MWNT volume fraction, but decreases with temperature. The 0.54 vol% MWNT dispersions with the addition of 0.6 wt % hexamethyldisiloxane show no MWNT precipitation for a couple of weeks.

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