In this paper, the experimental investigation on friction factor and heat transfer of single phase liquid flow and two-phase boiling flow in single zigzag micro-channel with micro-orifice at inlet has been conducted. The dimension of the micro-orifice is 1mm×0.227mm×0.25mm. The experiment was conducted in copper rectangle zigzag micro-channel with the hydraulic diameter of 0.321mm and the length of 29 mm. The experimental results of friction factor and heat transfer coefficient were provided and the effect of the micro-orifice was discussed. It was found that the friction factor of flow in zigzag micro-channel deviated largely from the predictive value in the laminar flow, while it coincided well with the correlation for turbulent flow. In addition, the variation of local heat transfer coefficient showed that the inlet restrictor has significant effect on heat transfer of boiling flow in micro-channel.

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