An optical measurement system was developed to investigate gas-liquid two-phase flow characteristics in a circular microchannel of 100 μm diameter. By using multiple optical fibers and infrared photodiodes, void fraction and gas plug and liquid plug lengths, and their velocities were measured successfully. The probes responded to the passage of gas and liquid phases through the microchannel adequately so that the time-average void fraction could be obtained from the time fraction for each phase. Also, by cross-correlating the signals from two neighboring probes, the interface velocity representing gas plug velocity or ring-film propagation velocity depending on the flow pattern could be computed. Within the ranges of superficial gas and liquid velocities covered in the experiments (jL = 0.2∼0.4 m/s and jG = 0 ∼ 5 m/s), the gas plug length was found to increase with the increasing superficial gas velocity, but the liquid plug length was found to decrease sharply as the superficial gas velocity was increased, so that the total length of the gas-liquid plug unit decreased with the superficial gas velocity.

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