Thermocapillary convection in a liquid film inside a micro-slot bounded by a substrate wall and a cover wall is studied. At least one of the walls is structured. The walls are kept at different temperatures. A thin liquid film is wetting the substrate and is separated from the cover wall by a gas layer. The heat transfer coefficient between the liquid-gas interface and the cover wall varies together with the thickness of the gas layer. This variation causes temperature non-uniformity along the interface. The temprature non-uniformity arises also as a result of the non-uniform film thickness on a structured substrate. As a result, thermocapillary stresses are induced which act in the direction opposite to the interface temperature gradient. These stresses bring the liquid into motion and lead to the interface deformation. The film flow and film deformation in a micro-slot with structured walls is studied in the framework of the long-wave theory. The steady film deformations, as well as the velocity and temperature fields within the film are calculated. A stability analysis of the steady continuous film is performed.

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