In 1996 it became clear that the approach used by ONDRAF/NIRAS i in selecting a site for a low-level nuclear waste repository, had failed. Selection based solely on technical criteria proved to be totally inadequate. This led to a drastic change in the decision-making process. Methods needed to be developed to integrate a repository project at the local level. Ever since, ONDRAF/NIRAS has concentrated on establishing local partnerships in communities expressing interest in hosting a repository. Mol was one of three communities that expressed interest and in 2000 a local partnership called MONA (Mols Overleg Nucleair Afval) was established between ONDRAF/NIRAS and local stakeholders. The partnership provides experts with an opportunity to enter into dialogue with the local stakeholders. All aspects of a possible near-surface or a deep geological repository for low-level waste are being discussed in different working groups. This paper will focus on the work accomplished by the three technical working groups and the criteria, which, in their view, a repository has to satisfy. The impacts of a repository on the environment (radiological, scenic, aesthetic, logistic, ...) and sustained development are important themes for the local stakeholders.

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