A power-generating unit with the high-temperature helium reactor (GT-MHR) has a turbomachine (TM) that is intended for both conversion of coolant thermal energy into electric power in the direct gas-turbine cycle, and provision of helium circulation in the primary circuit. The vertically oriented TM is placed in the central area of the power conversion unit (PCU). TM consists of a turbocompressor (TC) and a generator. Their rotors are joined with a diaphragm coupling and supported by electro-magnetic bearings (EMB). The complexity and novelty of the task of the full electromagnetic suspension system development requires thorough stepwise experimental work, from small-scale physical models to full-scale specimen. On this purpose, the following is planned within the framework of the GT-MHR Project: investigations of the “flexible” rotor small-scale mockup with electro-magnetic bearings (“Minimockup” test facility); tests of the radial EMB; tests of the position sensors; tests of the TM rotor scale model; tests of the TM catcher bearings (CB) friction pairs; tests of the CB mockups; tests of EMB and CB pilot samples and investigation of the full-scale electromagnetic suspension system as a part of full-scale turbocompressor tests. The rotor scale model (RSM) tests aim at investigation of dynamics of rotor supported by electromagnetic bearings to validate GT-MHR turbomachine serviceability. Like the full-scale turbomachine rotor, the RSM consist of two parts: the generator rotor model and the turbocompressor rotor model that are joined with a coupling. Both flexible and rigid coupling options are tested. Each rotor is supported by one axial and two radial EMBs. The rotor is arranged vertically. The RSM rotor length is 10.54 m, and mass is 1171 kg. The designs of physical model elements, namely of the turbine, compressors, generator and exciter, are simplified and performed with account of rigid characteristics, which are identical to those of the full-scale turbomachine elements.

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