Turbulent impinging jet is a complex flow phenomenon involving free jet, impingement and subsequent wall jet development zones; this makes it a difficult test case for the evaluation of new turbulence models. The complexity of the jet impingement can be further amplified by the addition of the swirl. In this paper, results of Large Eddy Simulations (LES) of swirling and non-swirling impinging jet are presented. The Reynolds number of the jet based on bulk axial velocity is 23000 and target-to-wall distance (H/D) is two. The Swirl numbers (S) of the jet are 0,0.2, 0.47. In swirling jets, the heat transfer at the geometric stagnation zone deteriorates due to the formation of conical recirculation zone. It is found numerically that the addition of swirl does not give any improvement for the over all heat transfer at the target wall. The LES predictions are validated by available experimental data.

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