The mechanism of liquid water removal, water vapor diffusion and oxygen diffusion in cathode side gas diffusion layer (GDL) of PEFC is studied by modeling the GDL as a hydrophobic flat plate with many straight holes with different diameters. As the results of the consideration using the model, following results are obtained. The spots where liquid water condensation is taken place between GDL-MEA gap are limited to the inlets of holes with larger diameters, and the condensed water is drained to air flow channel only through the larger holes. Other holes with smaller diameters are free of liquid water, and oxygen diffuses from the air flow channel to the catalyst surface through such holes. The reduction of output voltage of fuel cell due to the increase in the current density may be caused by the reduction of the oxygen concentration in GDL-MEA gap. The condensate tends to penetrate into larger holes instead of filling the gap of GDL and MEA.

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