Plasma-facing components for fusion reactors and other high heat flux heat sinks are usually subjected to a peripherally non-uniform heat flux. The configuration under study is related to these applications and consists of a single-side heated monoblock cross-section test section with a circular coolant channel bored through the center. The monoblock test section has a heated length of 180.0 mm and has 10.0 mm and 30.0 mm inside diameter and outside square sides, respectively. It was subjected to a constant heat flux on one side only, and the remaining portion of the outside surfaces is not exposed to a heat flux. The inlet channel water temperature was held near at 26.0°C, the exit pressure was maintained at 0.207 MPa, and the mass velocity was 0.59 Mg/m2s. The results consist of three-dimensional monoblock test section wall temperature distributions and a clear display of both critical heat flux and post-critical heat flux for this single-side heated configuration. These results are very encouraging in that they are among the first full set of truly three-dimensional monoblock test section wall temperature measurements for a one-side heated monoblock flow channel which contains the effects of conjugate heat transfer for turbulent, subcooled flow boiling. Comparisons are made between these results for the monoblock test section and those for a single-side heated circular test section.

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