The Discrete Ordinates Method (DOM) for solving transient radiation transfer equation in cylindrical coordinates is developed for radiation heat transfer in participating turbid media in pico-scale time domain. The application problems addressed here are laser tissue welding and soldering. The novelty of this study lies with the use of ultrashort laser pulses as the irradiation source. The characteristics of transient radiation heat transfer in ultrafast laser tissue welding and soldering are studied with the DOM developed. The temporal distribution of radiative energy inside the tissue cylinder as well as the radiative heat flux on the tissue surface is obtained. Comparisons are performed between laser welding without use of solder and laser soldering with use of solder. The use of solder is found to have highly concentrated radiation energy deposition in the solder-stained region and reduce the surface radiative heat flux accordingly. Comparisons of transient radiation heat transfer between the spatially square-variance and Gaussian-variance laser inputs and between the temporally Gaussian and skewed input profiles are also conducted.

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