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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Heat Transfer in Energy Systems; Thermophysical Properties; Theory and Fundamentals in Heat Transfer; Nanoscale Thermal Transport; Heat Transfer in Equipment; Heat Transfer in Fire and Combustion; Transport Processes in Fuel Cells and Heat Pipes; Boiling and Condensation in Macro, Micro and Nanosystems

Heat Transfer in Energy Systems


HT 2016; V001T01A001doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A002doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A003doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A004doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A005doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A006doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A007doi:

Design and Performance Analysis

HT 2016; V001T01A008doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A009doi:

Energy Conversion

HT 2016; V001T01A010doi:


HT 2016; V001T01A011doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A012doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A013doi:
HT 2016; V001T01A014doi:

Thermophysical Properties

Measurements and Computations of Thermophysical Properties

HT 2016; V001T02A001doi:
HT 2016; V001T02A002doi:
HT 2016; V001T02A003doi:
HT 2016; V001T02A004doi:
HT 2016; V001T02A005doi:
HT 2016; V001T02A006doi:

Theory and Fundamentals in Heat Transfer

Fundamentals of Boiling and Condensation

HT 2016; V001T03A001doi:

Fundamentals of Convection in Porous Media

HT 2016; V001T03A002doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A003doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A004doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A005doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A006doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A007doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A008doi:

Fundamentals of Nanomaterials and Nanostructures for Energy Applications

HT 2016; V001T03A009doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A010doi:

Fundamentals of Nanoscale Transport in Flows

HT 2016; V001T03A011doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A012doi:
HT 2016; V001T03A013doi:

Nanoscale Thermal Transport

Advances in Modeling and Simulation of Nanoscale Heat Conduction

HT 2016; V001T04A001doi:
HT 2016; V001T04A002doi:
HT 2016; V001T04A003doi:

Hard-Soft Material Interfaces and Thermal Interface Materials

HT 2016; V001T04A004doi:
HT 2016; V001T04A005doi:
HT 2016; V001T04A006doi:

Micro/Nano-Structured Surfaces for Phase-Change Heat Transfer

HT 2016; V001T04A007doi:

Nanobubbles, Nanodroplets, and Nanofluids

HT 2016; V001T04A008doi:
HT 2016; V001T04A009doi:

Heat Transfer in Equipment

Advances in Enhanced Heat Transfer

HT 2016; V001T05A001doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A002doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A003doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A004doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A005doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A006doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A007doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A008doi:

Heat Transfer in Energy-Water Conservation

HT 2016; V001T05A009doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A010doi:
HT 2016; V001T05A011doi:

Heat Transfer in Fire and Combustion

HT 2016; V001T06A001doi:
HT 2016; V001T06A002doi:
HT 2016; V001T06A003doi:
HT 2016; V001T06A004doi:
HT 2016; V001T06A005doi:
HT 2016; V001T06A006doi:

Transport Processes in Fuel Cells and Heat Pipes

HT 2016; V001T23A001doi:

Boiling and Condensation in Macro, Micro and Nanosystems

HT 2016; V001T24A001doi:
HT 2016; V001T24A002doi:
HT 2016; V001T24A003doi:
HT 2016; V001T24A004doi:
HT 2016; V001T24A005doi:
HT 2016; V001T24A006doi:
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