The first V84.3A gas turbine as tested at the full-load test facility of the Siemens gas turbine factory in Berlin, Germany has now been installed at the Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) Company’s Hawthorn Power Station. The unit will be started in spring of this year and is scheduled to be available in June for the 1997 summer peak.

In times when active power is not in demand, the generator can be operated as a synchronous condenser. For this mode of operation, a synchronous clutch has been installed between the gas turbine and the generator.

The advanced V84.3A gas turbine has been chosen because of its high simple cycle efficiency based on the measured 38% in the test facility, providing peaking capacity with a minimum on fuel costs. In addition, later conversion to highly efficient combined cycle operation can easily be performed without the need for external air or even steam cooling systems.

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