The Axial Turbobrake (Patent applied for) is a novel turbomachine which can be used to absorb power generated by test turbines. Unlike a compressor there is no pressure recovery through the turbobrake. This simplifies the aerodynamic design and enables high stage loadings to be achieved. The blades used have high turning two dimensional profiles.

This paper describes a single stage axial turbobrake, which is driven by the exhaust gas of the test turbine and is isolated from the turbine by a choked throat. In this configuration no fast acting controls are necessary as the turbobrake operates automatically with the turbine flow.

Tests on a 0.17 scale model, show that the performance is close to that predicted by a simple two-dimensional theory, and demonstrate that the turbobrake power absorption can be controlled and hence matched to that typically produced by the first stage of a modern highly loaded transonic turbine. A full size axial turbobrake will be used in a short duration rotating turbine experiment in an Isentropic Light Piston Tunnel at RAE Pyestock.

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