A dynamic model is developed for a Micro Gas Turbine (MGT), characterized by an intrinsic free-spool configuration, coupled to large volumes. This is inspired by an experimental facility at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) called Hyper, which emulates a hybrid MGT and Fuel Cell system. The experiment and model can simulate stable and unstable operating conditions. The model is used to investigate the effects of different volumes on surge events, and to test possible strategies to safely avoid or recover from unstable compressor working conditions. The modelling approach started from the Greitzer lumped parameter approach, and it has been improved with integration of empirical methods and simulated components to better match the real Hyper plant layout and performance. Pressure, flow rate, and frequency plots are shown for the surge behavior comparing two different volume sizes, for cases where gas turbine shaft speed is uncontrolled (open loop) and controlled (closed loop). The ability to recover from a surge event is also demonstrated.

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