Flow exiting the combustor is highly turbulent and contains significant spatial gradients of pressure and temperature. The high pressure turbine nozzle vanes operating in this environment redistribute these spatial gradients and impact the inflow characteristics of the turbine rotor blades. The present study investigates the redistribution of total temperature through a turbine nozzle vane. Numerical investigation was performed using three-dimensional RANS analysis. Simulations were conducted using the Wilcox k–ω turbulence model and Shear Stress Transport (SST) with and without γ–Reθ transition model. Experimental measurements were obtained in an annular nozzle cascade facility. Two sets of inlet conditions were considered. The first was a nominally uniform total temperature. The second had a span-wise variation of total temperature. Both sets of inlet conditions had nominally the same inlet total pressure and inlet Mach number. Span-wise redistribution was evaluated using the circum-ferentially averaged total temperature profile at a plane downstream of the nozzle. Physical arguments about the influence of nozzle secondary flows on this redistribution are presented.

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