Further improvements in film cooling require an in-depth understanding of the influencing parameters. Therefore, a new test rig has been designed and commissioned for the assessment of novel film cooling holes under realistic conditions.

The test rig is designed for generic film cooling studies. External hot gas flow as well as internal coolant passage flow are simulated by two individual flow channels connected to each other by the cooling holes. Based on a similarity analysis, the geometry of the test rig is scaled up by a factor of about 20. It furthermore offers the possibility to conduct experiments at high density ratios and realistic approach flow conditions at both cooling hole exit and inlet. The operational range of the new test rig is presented and compared to real engine conditions. It is shown that the important parameters are met and the transfer-ability of the results is ensured.

Special effort is put onto the uniformity of the approaching hot gas flow, which will be demonstrated by temperature and velocity profiles. A first measurement of the heat transfer coefficient without film cooling is used to demonstrate the quality of the measurement principle.

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