The performance of a 300kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Gas Turbine (SOFC-GT) pilot power plant simulator is evaluated with the use of a model reference adaptive control (MRAC) scheme, implemented for empirical Transfer Functions. The SOFC-GT simulator allows testing of various Fuel Cell (FC) models under a Hardware-in-the-Loop configuration that incorporates a 120kW APU, and Balance-of-Plant (BoP) components in hardware, and a FC model in software. The study of the nonlinear behavior of the BoP components, representative of the cathode airflow side of the FC under the MRAC scheme is compared against that of a linear decentralized PI controller for two FC operating points. The adaptation technique used in the MIMO system through separate SISO loops is beneficial to plants having a wide range of operation, and strong coupling interaction, as is presently the case. The practical implementation of the adaptive methodology is presented through simulation in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.

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