The direct numerical simulation of a turbine cascade at Reis = 85000 and Mis = 0.6 has been undertaken using a fourth-order accurate discontinuous Galerkin / symmetric interior penalty method. This method combines the high accuracy, typical of the dedicated academic DNS and LES codes, to the geometrical flexibility of industrial finite volume codes. It also allows for visual inspection of grid resolution, based on the continuity of the computed fields. Finally it attains high serial and parallel performance due to the exploitation of the high locality of the data. For these reasons it is expected that the method will enable the reliably resolved DNS and LES computations in turbomachinery industry. The accuracy with respect to dedicated academic codes is assessed on the computation of the Taylor-Green vortex. For the turbine case, the computed flow fields are compared to those obtained by large eddy simulations using a finite volume solver, and relative costs for a given resolution are estimated.

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