By using the CFX software, three-dimensional flow and heat transfer characteristics in rectangular cooling ducts with in-line and staggered array pin-fins of gas turbine blade trailing edge were numerically simulated. The effects of in-line and staggered arrays of pin-fins, flow Reynolds number as well as density of cylindrical pin-fins in flow direction on heat transfer characteristics were analyzed. Both in the cases of in-line and staggered arrays of pin-fins, the results show that the pin-fin surface averaged Nusselt number increases with the increasing of Reynolds number. In the case of the same Reynolds number, the mean Nusselt number of pin-fin surface decreased with the increasing of X/D (the ratio of streamwise pin-pitch to pin-fin diameter) value. The Nusselt number increases gradually before the first pin-fin row and then reached the fully developed value at fourth or fifth row. The pin-fin Nusselt number at flow direction is larger than that at back flow direction. Along the height direction of pin-fin, the Nusselt number in middle area is larger.

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